Hi Christoph,

I am part of the list, but like you, I have not seen much activity.

I am the director of learning at OLPC, for those of you who don't
know me. I am supporting countries through local learning teams,
building capacity and supporting their different learning activities.

One of the things we are doing is promoting research and publication
in countries, so I am interested in any research initiative within the
olpc world.

It would be great to use this list to share information and have an
informed discussion about research initiatives happening in different
countries with different academic institutions.



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> Hi all,
> looking through the archives it's been a while since anyone has posted on
> this list...
> Given that there are some renewed efforts and discussions concerning
> research related to OLPC I was curious as to who is actually subscribed to
> this list and what everyone here is working on?
> As for myself: I'm the editor of the independent OLPC News and a volunteer
> at OLPC (Austria). I've become increasingly interested in the research
> around OLPC in particular and other 1-to-1 or ICT4E topics in general over
> the past 2~3 years. I recently also contributed my first review of a paper
> submitted to a journal and I used that opportunity to read up on some of
> the more recent publications written on OLPC.
> Looking forward to hearing from you, I'd really love to see this list
> become a watercooler-like communication hub for all kinds of discussion
> related to research efforts. :-)
> Cheers,
> Christoph
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