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> Hi Harv,
> great to hear from you.
> Are you still based in Denmark? Because there's at least one student at
> Aarhus University who's currently working on a PhD thesis which is
> related to OLPC, plus in the past two other students did similar
> research work there as well.

Hi Christoph and others,

I have left LEGO Education and Denmark last year which was a quite
difficult decision, as it was a great place to work, but as you know big
companies are run by marketing and not by research results.

> Additionally Mitch (in CC) who supports an OLPC project in the
> Philippines is currently working for the university in Copenhagen.
> Seeing that he's currently looking into the Raspberry Pi module and how
> it could potentially be used for education in the OLPC context I think
> that your interest in GUI programming of robots could make for some good
> discussions. :-)

Oh yes. I think that Raspberry Pi is great and inexpensive solution as an
"add on" for advanced classes - as in CS, as well as in robotics - however
it depends on external peripherals so it is not "all-in-one" solution. 
What makes OLPC amazing is its screen and in its second incarnation 
its touch-screen. Ui should be discussed, but it was always a work in
One thing that I find great those days is "Ubuntu for Android" and an idea
that OLPC and RaspPI would benefit greatly being a blend of both. 

But there, I think it would be useful to open a discussion and see which 
OS blend would suit the best for future incarnations of OLPC concepts.

my best


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