Any idea on the below?  It appears that mod_caucho doesn't pass anything but through to the Resin server, even if the URL is, or *

is there something in my config I've screwed up?  is this even possible with Resin under Apache?

On Sep 8, 2006, at 11:33 PM, Andrew Lombardi wrote:

I'm attempting to use wildcard DNS with mod_caucho sitting between  
Apache and Resin, and haven't had much luck yet.  Locally for  
development, we've been using Jetty, and assumed everything would  
transfer just fine.

In the httpd.conf files, we set up the virtual host, and have the  
following for ServerAlias:

ServerAlias *

And in resin.conf I do something similar:

         <host id=''>


was trying to add <host-alias>*</host-alias> which  
didn't seem to change anything.

also tried to add it to the host id, but then it picked up nothing.

Any ideas?

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