On Sep 18, 2006, at 10:34 AM, Scott Ferguson wrote:

> Thanks.  How is that .jar configured in the resin.conf?  Can you  
> give the <class-loader> section of the resin.conf that references  
> it?  In particular, if it's defined in a <web-app-default> or  
> defined directly in a <web-app>, but some other detail might matter.

Right now we're only configured with the default tree loader:

       <tree-loader path="${resin.home}/lib"/>
       <tree-loader path="${server.root}/lib"/>

and all of our jars and dependencies are in resin_home/lib/local.  We  
have tried moving all jars into web_root/WEB-INF/lib, but the same  
thing happens.

A few more things that may help:

After a server restart, before the application is accessed, the  
relevant jars do show up in lsof, e.g.

java      11945    root  mem       REG        8,3  1886356   
503420273 /opt/deployments/jars/wtcls.jar
java      11945    root  mem       REG        8,3  1189992   
234928967 /opt/resin/lib/local/wicket-1.2.1.jar

And they are only listed once each, and listed as "mem".  It stays  
this way as long as the application has not been accessed.

As soon as the application is accessed, the lsof output fills up  
rapidly with hundreds of the following:

java      11945    root 1020r      REG        8,3  1886356   
503420273 /opt/deployments/jars/wtcls.jar
java      11945    root 1021r       REG        8,3  1189992   
234928967 /opt/resin/lib/local/wicket-1.2.1.jar

Note that the listing identifies an actual open file descriptor, not  

Here is the server information as reported by resin's log:

[11:15:12.426] Linux 2.6.15-26-server i386
[11:15:12.426] Java 1.5.0_08-b03, 32, mixed mode, UTF-8, en, Sun  
Microsystems Inc.


  - Dave

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