Which kind of logic is "forwarding" the back-end server's IP to the client
browser? Is your application building the URLs using getLocalAddr() or
getServerName()? Otherwise, if you construct your URLs as relative paths,
there is no way the browser should know about the back-end server.


> thanks!
> I've implemented this... BUT
> When a machine connects to the external (NAT) address of my RESIN web
> server and it proxies to an internal IP address, the internal IP
> address is the forwarded back to the client. As an example:
> resin.conf:
> When I connect to my host, internally or externally, the client tries to
> make a direct conection to the address. Bummer.
> Internally it works fine, but kind of defeats the purpose of having a
> proxy, no? Is there any magic I can use to make it continue to use a
> relative URL?
> Dan

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