Yes, we are currently using Apache 2.0.46, which is the current version 
provided with Red Hat Enterprise 3.

My plan is to eventually remove Apache from the mix once I have replaced 
the dependencies on it.  I expect overall performance to increase since 
Resin will be handling the requests directly without them being 
transferred over a port to Apache.

I can't comment if there is a performance difference between the open 
source version and professional version.  If there is a difference, I 
doubt you would see it in testing.  Maybe someone else can comment on this.

Akila Amarathunga wrote:
> Hi Keith,
> Are you running Resin with apache ? cos I hooked up with apache and did
> some fine tuning in it... and now it seems serve up pages bit fast.
> Anyway I use open source version and i think there might be more
> features on professional one.
> Thanks,
> Akila
> On Mon, 2006-11-27 at 09:10 -0800, Keith Fetterman wrote:
>> Akila,
>> We have been using Resin for the past five years to serve up the 
>> Go2marine boat parts store ( ), and we have 
>> always found it to have a very fast page response time.  We are 
>> currently running Resin Professional 3.0.19 in production. We are using 
>> Sun's 1.5.0_09 JDK. The OS is Red Hat Enterprise 3 ES.  The database is 
>> Oracle 9i, which runs on a separate server.
>> When we refactored the software to use Struts and Tiles last spring, I 
>> was concerned that it might impact performance because of all of the 
>> internal HTTP requests for the tiles.  No worries.  I was delighted with 
>> how fast the site ran.
>> The times that we have run into problems with page response time is when 
>> the server becomes heavily loaded in production.  These problems were 
>> corrected by tuning memory, increasing threads, or increasing the 
>> maximum sessions.
>> Keith
>> Akila Amarathunga wrote:
>>> Hi All,
>>> I'm quiet new to Resin... At the moment I'm testing with Resin one of
>>> our application but I find it takes some time to deliver pages. i use
>>> resin 3.0.21 as standalone with jdk 1.5 and mysql on RH linux.
>>> I really appreciate if any one could tell me on what Resin deliver speed
>>> depend on...
>>> Thanks,
>>> Akila
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