well however much this helps. my os platform is windows xp professional. and 
i just simply wanna know which of the folders in the whole resin server 
installation I should be putting the php file into to be able to then see it 
in my web  browser.

>From: Knut Forkalsrud <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>Reply-To: General Discussion for the Resin application 
>To: General Discussion for the Resin application 
>Subject: Re: [Resin-interest] php and resin.
>Date: Sun, 18 Feb 2007 11:10:32 -0800
>And Mattias Jiderhamn tried to help you:
>    "Your question is so general, it is easy to assume you have not read
>    the documentation yet, or do not know the basic concepts about
>    web/J2EE servers.
>    (Re-)Read the documentation. Try the out-of-the-box settings. Try a
>    static HTML page. If your still having trouble, try to be more
>    specific. (For example, include your operating system, what you have
>    tried etc)."
>Did you do any of this?
>Steve Burrus wrote:
>>I tried/attempted a long time ago to get someone to respond to me 
>>concerning getting a php file viewed in my web browser with the resin 
>>server. I have put the php file into the main installation folder of 
>>resin, the "httpdocs" folder, but I still was not able to view it. PleaSE 
>>help me with this.

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