I'm not sure if this still applies in 3.1.x, but in prior versions there 
was a downside to co-opting that core JVM log. If you force that into 
your main console (stderr/out) log, Resin may not be able to roll it any 
more. You can use that arg to put the core jvm log where you want it, 
but you may still want to keep it separate from your main console logs.

Matt Pangaro
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> Darn - I should really explore all possibilities before posting.  I
> downloaded the source in the end and found out what was creating these
> logs - the solution is to use the (undocumented?) command line argument
> -log-directory when starting resin, and making the logfile name relative
> (i.e. "resin.log").
> Oh well, I hope that might help someone,
> Cheers,
> Andy 

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