I have a somewhat complex load balancing scenario that I wish to
accomplish.  From my investigation it seems that it's *probably*
possible but I haven't gotten it to work yet.  Here is the scenario:


I have a web app running on Resin 3.1.1 with Apache 2.2 in front of it.
I want to have multiple Resin servers in a cluster.  I may have multiple
Apache servers as well, but I don't think that's important.  If I do I
will have a hardware load-balancer in front of that.


I want to achieve both failover and server scalability with my systems
architecture.  I think I can utilize a clustering solution to handle
this.  I will need to cluster both Resin sessions as well as a number of
memory/disk caches using the distributed mode of EhCache (or possible
JBossCache).  So far the Resin session clustering is working fine.
However, for efficiency I really also want to segment my data between
users, in order to reduce either a) the amount of cache replication (if
I use cache replication) or b) the amount of cache misses (if I use
cache invalidation) in EhCache.


When people come to the site, they are given a login page immediately.
There are two entry points: one is HTML-based and one is
Flash/Flex-based.  Either way the user is prompted to log in with a
username, password and a project number.  I want to pin all users logged
in to a particular project to the same backend server so that the
EhCache can be used as efficiently as possible.


But while I say I want to "pin" specific users to specific backend
servers, I really also want the failover capability built in to
load-balancers.  So what I *really* want is a way to suggest to the load
balancer which server to prefer, but allow it to fall back in the case
of a server being down.  My algorithm for choosing a server to suggest
is simple: I just hash the project number, mod by the amount of servers,
and choose that one.  Not smart, but for now that's fine.


I feel like I will want to use the Resin load balancing features
(although I am open to other suggestions).  From the docs it seems like
there may be a way to do it.  I have spent a few hours on this and am
not seeing a very clear solution.  My main theoretical issue is that
when the user hits the login page a session is created.  There is no way
to know which project number the user will then enter, and therefore
which server to try to pin him too.  But then if he enters a project
number, Resin already has him pinned to a server by the jssesionid.  


Is there a way to tell Resin to keep the session but now house it on a
different server?  


I think the logic of project number --> server needs to be in the app
somewhere (ideally the server side, not the Flash side).  Can I set a
cookie or something that can be sniffed by Resin's load balancing
capabilities that will determine the suggested server to pin to?


I can kind of see the light at the end of the tunnel but haven't been
able to come up with even a best theoretical approach to this problem.
There is just too much about Resin load balancing, mod_caucho, hardware
load balancers and the such that I am not intimately familiar with, and
I don't want to reinvent anything that already exists and works well.


Thanks for any suggestions.




Michael Wynholds


Carbon Five, Inc.

310 821 7125 x13



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