Mike Wynholds wrote:
> I have a somewhat complex load balancing scenario that I wish to 
> accomplish.  From my investigation it seems that it’s **probably** 
> possible but I haven’t gotten it to work yet.  Here is the scenario:


I'm not optimistic about being able to accomplish this, at least not 
with standard configuration options.  The issue as I see it is that the 
project code is going to the server AFTER the session ID has been 
created.  If you can address that (maybe accept that we can invalidate 
any session data before we get a successful project ID... sounds like a 
security risk), or if you can do it on hostname maybe.  Just trying to 
throw things out there.

Otherwise since the session ID gets created before the project code, you 
would have to "re-home" the session to wherever the project is sitting. 
  That isn't out of the question, but would involve switching to a 
different web->app load balancer and using JDBC session persistence. 
There might be other ways, but I have that part working.

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