Hi all,

Here is the problem we're facing:

- Do a simple GET request to the server, the page we request is a
'normal' html page containing images, js, css, etc...
- From time to time the response to the HTTP request comes back as
binary data where we expect a document for which the content type is

We tried the same webapp with the exact same configuration on a Tomcat
server and couldn't reproduce the problem. We haven't seen it on the
many other application servers our application runs on either.
However several customers reported the issue when using Resin 3.0.x.
We therefore assume the issue comes from Resin. We tested a range of
Resin versions from 3.0.15 to 3.0.23.

Attached is an example of a file we get back as binary content. It
indeed contains binary data as well as the expected html…

Another thing  is that we have the 'keep-alive' attribute set on our
requests and first wondered if it could have been the problem. Turning
it off didn't solve the problem though.

Any help would be appreciated. We understand that the information on
this issue is a bit sparse but we couldn't think of anything else.
Looking at the HTTP headers didn't help. Hopefully someone will have
encountered this before and will be able to advise us on what is going

Samuel Le Berrigaud
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