Is anyone successfully running Resin 3.1.x with oracle connection pools?

Every time I start resin in the background it `eats` my ld_library_path.

I have tracked it down in resin code to the
com.caucho.boot.ResinWatchdog class... what seems to be happening is
---I set the ld_library_path in the shell script which launches resin
---at lines 365 -to- 367, launchManager method... the ld_library_path is
explicitly overwritten and set to the value resin want
---at lines 713 -to- 728, createProcess method... the ld_library_path is
appended to, but this occurs after the launchManager method... so the
values I need in there are already gone

I am sure the issue is far more complicated then I realize, but,
everything works for me if...
---alter the launchManager method to append to the ld_library_path
instead of overwriting it
---and alter the createProcess method to not do anything with the

I also tried to set my ld_library_path by way of setting the
java.library.path as a <jvm-arg> in the resin.conf... this does not work

Short of altering caucho code... I can't get resin to see my oracle
client environment... is there another way to configure/control this...
or is this a bug in 3.1.2 (I did also try this in the 3.1.snapshot... it
didn't work there either)

(It works to copy the required .so files in the resin/libexec
directory... but this feels like a hack)

Eric Kreiser wrote:
> I am trying to upgrade from resin pro 3.0.21 to resin pro 3.1.2.
> Under resin 3.0.21 I set certain environment variable in my start script 
> before starting resin (things to setup my oracle client like PATH, 
> LD_LIBRARY_PATH, etc...)
> Now under 3.1.2... I am trying to set these same environment variable in 
> the start script before starting resin...
> ---This works fine if I start resin in the foreground
> ---This fails if I start resin in the background... all environment 
> variable settings are being passed to the child process and set 
> correctly ```except``` LD_LIBRARY_PATH.  my child process's 
> LD_LIBRARY_PATH always ends up being just the Java and resin paths.
> What am I doing wrong?  How do I control the child LD_LIBRARY_PATH?
> Thanks in advance for any help
> Eric
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