I have tried turning other applications and services, including firewall
and anti-virus, off.
Disk operations outside Resin (such as zipping the project or
defragmenting the disc) does not seem affected.

Thanks for the guess though.


Andre van Dalen wrote:
> Wild guess; maybe your viruschecker decided to check those reads where 
> previously it did not
> (possibly also unpacking .jars on the fly in-memory as it sees them as zip 
> archives) ?
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> Hi list.
> I have my J2EE webapp on an external hard drive, which I carry between
> my office and my home computer.
> On each computer - running Windows XP and Java 1.5 - I have a Resin
> (3.0.22) installation and a shortcut to start Resin with the server root
> on the external drive.
> This has worked flawlessly for over a year.
> Now suddenly (ok, after returning from vacation), the application is
> immensely slow - on one of the computers!
> Starting Resin and the application now takes anywhere from 3 to 5
> minutes on my home computer, compared to the usual 30 or so seconds.
> Loading a simple page can take 40 seconds. It seems that most of the
> time is spent inside the disk access of the dependency checking.
> (Turning dependency checking off was much faster, but still slower than
> normal).
> I tried to copy the project to the internal drive to see if there was
> some interface hardware issue - no difference.
> I profiled the application with JProfiler, and it thinks there is a
> hotspot in com.caucho.vsf.JniStream.read(). Why...?
> I am running out of ideas on what could be wrong and how to track it down.
> Any tips would be much welcome!
>   /Mattias

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