On Oct 7, 2007, at 1:11 PM, Mattias Jiderhamn wrote:
A truss (or strace or equivalent) would give the exact files that are
getting tested.

I uploaded a FileMon dump here: http://www.jiderhamn.se/ filemonSimplePageLoad.txt

I also tried to get a dump with Strace, and that's when it's getting really strange! When I attach Strace (IntellectualHeaven's GUI version) to java.exe, the problem (almost) dissapears!? The page now loads in a fraction of a second, about 9 times out of 10. (Dependency checks still seem to happen now and then). When I stop tracing, every single request takes a couple of seconds again.
Could this give any hint?????

I'm not familiar with Strace, but anything which alters the execution speed of the code, e.g. a debugger, and the end result is that the problem disappears is often indicative of a threading problem. In my experience, it's not unusual for thread issues to consistently appear on one machine, but not happen on another machine running identical code.

Having said that, and based on what you've said so far, this does seem unlikely.

A few other shots in the dark that you probably already checked:

1. Any chance resin is re-compiling stuff for some reason? Is javac.exe running?

2. Is disk space low? How is your page file configured on one machine vs. the other? Any memory or disk thrashing going on due to excessive paging? I think you said that the machine having problems has more RAM than the one that's not. But have you checked Task Manager to confirm that the memory is actually there? I've seen cases where memory chips have gone bad, but the server continues to run, just with less memory (probably not on a regular desktop or laptop, but I've seen it with blade servers).

3. Any hints in the jvm.log file?

4. What params are you using to start resin?

5. Excessive garbage collection cycles? Are you running resin with gc logging enabled? -Xloggc:log/gc.log (or wherever you keep your resin logs).

6. Any permissions problems? Maybe resin/java is spinning its wheels trying to read or write some file that it can't access?


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