I thought that resin could do it for you ??
Normally, if I wanted to do that, I'd modify the cache parameters :

     <resin:if test="${isResinProfessional}">

       <cache path="cache" memory-size="80M"/>



     <cache-mapping url-pattern="*.html" expires="60h"/>

Did you try this ?

Michael Brunton-Spall wrote:
> Hi there,
> I've googled for this, and can't seem to find anyone who wants to do the 
> same thing, so I figured you guys would be the best source of information.
> We run a very large website, which is generated dynamically from resin, 
> and we are looking at technical failover solutions.
> We believe that there are certain cases where our workload could 
> increase dramatically, and we believe that our application will not 
> withstand such a large onslaught of requests.
> Looking at our architecture, we believe that serving static pages will 
> be possible under very high traffic loads, so we are writing a system 
> that will "press" copies of dynamic pages to an html cache when they are 
> modified.  Under these extreme circumstances we would like to have a 
> module that instead of doing all of our processing and going to the 
> database, instead looks in a static directory of html files, and if 
> there is a static file present for the requested url, serves that instead.
> However, I am having difficulty finding how it is possible to get resin 
> to serve a static file in response to a url, where we will have to do 
> some mapping to translate the url to the file location.
> We could write our own file server, but given that resins performance is 
> pretty good for serving static files, we would much rather hook into 
> resins file serving capabilites.
> Michael Brunton-Spall
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