On Dec 23, 2007, at 6:07 AM, Andreas Fischer wrote:
After the Visual JSF in Netbeans failed out of the box, I tried IceFaces... Also a no go... the tag again shows up as supported under the faces config syntax...
... still resin throws a Servlet Exception.

So out of 2 Solutions for Visial Web Development in Netbeans both failed,
is there a solution that actually works with Resin ?
500 Servlet Exception

/META-INF/faces-config.xml:166: <render-kit> is an unexpected tag (parent
<faces-config> starts at 7).

164:     </component>
166:    <render-kit>
167:         <renderer>
168:             <component-family>javax.faces.Output</component-family>

 Check for duplicate and out-of-order tags.
<faces-config> syntax: (@id? & @version? & <application>? & <factory>?
& <component>* & <converter>* & <lifecycle>* & <managed-bean>* & <navigation-rule>* & <referenced-bean>* & <render-kit>? & <validator>* & <faces-config- extension>*)

Andreas Fischer

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