"searching" in Drupal under Quercus does not seem to be working due to  
Drupal's use of "CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE...".   When a search is  
submitted, Drupal creates a temporary table that should be reclaimed  
by Postgres when the session that created table is closed.  However  
when run in Quercus the session never seems to get closed.  As a  
result, the second and subsequent searches fail because the temporary  
table already exists.  I've confirmed the session is closed in a  
native PHP deployment by observing the Postgres logs.

I'm new to PHP so I'm not sure if the session close is implicit when  
the PHP session/page ends, or if there needs to be an explicit close  
in PHP code. In either case, when run in Quercus, something (perhaps  
the Quercus/Resin PG Java implementation?) appears to inhibit the  
close.   Note I've tried Drupal 4.7.10 and 5.5 and Resin/Quercus and  

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