Is /somepath actually the context path for the web app?  Or is it just
part of the path info?  If it is the web app context path, then you
cannot forward outside that context.  That request dispatcher would not
know anything about resources outside of its context.


You would probably have to send a browser redirect, which can be a
relative path too (I think).


Now... if /somepath is really just path info, then this seems to be a





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This has been bugging me for awhile so here it goes 


I'm currently displaying a jsp page located at /somepath/somefile.jsp 


I want to forward the request to a jsp file in the root directory, e.g.
/confirm.jsp, however after forwarding the path location is still
/somepath/, any ideas how to set the path location as well? 


HttpServletRequest request,
HttpServletResponse response,

RequestDispatcher disp;


  disp = request.getRequestDispatcher("/confirm.jsp");
  disp.forward(request, response);





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