I got a WebBean that represents a DirectoryService. The bean is declared as following:

public class DirectoryService {
        @In private AuthenticationService authentication;

Authentication services is declared as follows:
public class AuthenticationService {

Basically the directory relies on an authentication service to make sure that only validated users can access the directory.
Now the @In in the directory services throws an exception:

com.caucho.config.ConfigException: com.jmeeting.directory.service.DirectoryService.authentication: Can't find a component for 'com.jmeeting.directory.service.AuthenticationService'
If I got the resin documentation right it states:

Any Resin-managed object can use the entire WebBeans dependency- injection system and all of the managed objects, while objects you create using new are still plain Java objects. Once you've got a root object managed by the system, any futher WebBeans components or singletons you bring in will also be managed. The starting set of managed objects is pretty broad and includes: ...

This sounds like a Webbean looking up another Webbean should work.

Andreas Fischer
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