Ilya Kasnacheev wrote (2008-03-07 16:33):
> page <- include (forward -> forward -> forward -> forward -> page)
> ... forward() in included servlet does not mean "instead of including page" 
> but "instead of included page"
Ok, now I see where you're coming from.

Do you have to issue the explicit .flush() or would increasing the 
buffer (response.setBufferSize()) prevent the response from being 
comitted until the "included forward" has been issued???

> What about my anonymous wrapper? See reply to original post.
It may work if you are certain there will be no flushing to the client 
before a forward().
Using a buffered dispatch-response is safer. I think I have an 
implementation lying around on my other computer which I could post, but 
you should also be able to easily implement it yourself or find it on 
the net.


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