Your problem is similar to mine.

I spent the entire day yesterday trying to debug phpbb3 running on  
quercus.  Phpbb3 appears to be using either Smarty or something  
similar and I am getting almost the exact problem that you're getting.

It was super difficult to debug scripts under quercus.  Debugging  
under IntelliJ is driving me nuts. :)

Since i am able to consistently get quercus to not process smarty  
tags, I am a bit closer to finding the real cause to the problem.  I  
believe I've at least narrowed it down to either the Regex module or  
the Array storage/processing in Quercus.

If I get some time, I may continue to debug and find out why Quercus  
simply hates these regular expressions.

Perhaps spending the time trying to get vbulletin to work under  
quercus might be a more productive use of my time. :)


On Mar 13, 2008, at 1:06 PM, Andrew Fritz wrote:

> Sorry if this is the wrong list, but the Quercus list appears to be  
> KIA.
> There is no mail in the archive and mail to quercus- 
> bounces.
> Now to my question/statement:
> Smarty works great in 3.1.3, but is broken in 3.1.4 and 3.1.5. I opens
> the template file and returns the contents unprocessed. All the tags
> remain in the file. Is there a work around to make it work again? I  
> need
> to upgrade to try to get around another bug, but can't right now since
> our side is pretty much 100% smarty templates.
> Andrew
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