I didn't see this mentioned anywhere either as a bug or in the resin  
discussion list archives. But wanted to share my solution to this  
problem with other resin folks who work on Apple's OS X and haven't  
already figured this out for themselves.

Compiling the JNI Libraries for Resin works fine on OS X. The  
standard, "./configure; make; make install". The problem is, on OS X  
at least, the 'make install' doesn't actually put your system in a  
state where resin, or rather java, will be able to find the JNI  
libraries when you start resin. It doesn't prevent resin from running,  
but it is a bit of a performance hit and does prevent some other pro- 
only features from working.

The solution is pretty simple:

1. Do the configure/make/make install as normal
2. Navigate to /path/to/your/resin/libexec
3. sudo cp *.jnilib /Library/Java/Extensions

This copies the three (as of resin 3.1.6) JNI Library files into a  
place where OS X's Java can find them when it loads. If you're just  
running resin locally, you can instead copy the jnilib files to your  
own ~/Library/Java/Extensions folder (create it if it doesn't already  

Theoretically, you could also copy them into /System/Library/Java/ 
Extensions, but it's generally not recommended to muck around with  
stuff in the /System/Library folder, especially when an equivalent  
exists (or can be created) in the /Library folder.


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