I'm in the process of migrating an old configuration for Resin 2.1.2
to Resin 3.1. In the old setup, we were launching resin using the
wrapper.pl script, and in the process could pass any JVM arguments we
needed, for example -XX arguments to hotspot, on the command line (as
arguments to the wrapper script). In the new resin.conf, there are
jvm-arg elements which belong to server-default or to server--must all
JVM arguments be passed in that way, including -XX? Also, must system
properties (-D) all be specified using via system-property elements?

It looks like httpd.sh (these are Linux systems I'm working on) will
pass arguments along to the process it starts, but I'm not sure, if we
are running without a cluster configuration, if this is the same
process as our server instance (assuming 1 per physical server at this


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