What we do is to use the Groovy scripts through the Java Scripting API 
during development and then compile them into class, if desired, for 
production. Accessing Groovy scripts is not too slow, after the first 
access, if you are careful not to throw the ScriptingEngine object after 
each access, as creating them is the most expensive operation.

I did some experiments with it not that long ago:

So we opted for scripting during development, as even though you might 
get groovyc compilation to work, I'm not sure why but Hot Swapping does 
not seem to work with groovyc generated classes and each time you make a 
change, the context is restarted and it can become quite a pain.


bumzee escribió:
> Yeah, it works for me too all pre-compiled, but I'm trying to get a better
> development environment.
> Resin will compile your java classes and reload changes and supposedly do
> this with groovy too, but I've not been able to get it to work.
> bumzee wrote:
>> Is anyone successfully using Groovy with Resin ?  
>> What does your resin.conf look like ?
>> This is on the resin website, but it doesn't work for me in 3.1.5.
>> When it gets to a groovy file the compilation just stops or times out.
>> resin.conf
>>   <web-app-default>
>>      <class-loader>
>>        <compiling-loader path="WEB-INF/classes"
>>                          compiler="groovyc"
>>                          source-extension=".groovy"/>
>>       </class-loader>
>>   </web-app-default>

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