Hi everyone,

We're running Resin 3.0.18 Pro on a Windows 32-bit system and we're 
looking to understand/tune our memory settings a bit.

According to http://www.caucho.com/resin-3.0/performance/jvm-tuning.xtp 
the stack size is set to 2048k unless set otherwise. Is this true? In 
using JConsole we can't see where any explicit -Xss setting is passed 
and we can't readily determine what the current stack size is set to.

So, here's a short list of questions. And thanks for your help.

- If JConsole doesn't show -Xss, is it really there for resin?
- How was "2048k is an appropriate value for most situations." determined?
- Can resin/jvm/jconsole report the current stack memory setting?

(general sun jvm on windows questions)
- What is the default stack memory size?
- When a thread is created, does it grab all of the stack memory, or can 
the stack memory start small and grow to the default or -Xss size?

Thanks, everyone.

+ jay

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