Perhaps the key-store-file gets read by a different class at startup than it
does at runtime.  Have you tried using an absolute path in the
key-store-file? I use JSSE and only have the three nodes you show below.




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My resin instance won't start if JSSE is enabled in the configuration, but I
can't figure out what the problem is.  (Yes, I'm aware of the advice for
using OpenSSL instead, but that's not an option for me for the time being.)
And yet, if I enable JSSE while resin is running, it appears to work

The failure message (e.g. as a result of running service resin start) is

Stopping resin:/usr/local/web/conf/resin.xml:85:: .

Line 85 is the line just inside my <http> tag where I've made my <jsse-ssl>
declaration, which looks like this:

<jsse-ssl> <!-- line 85 -->

I've verified that it's finding the key store okay (when I change the path
to the <key-store-file>, I get a different error explaining that it can't
find this file).

One version of <>  the
resin docs states that the <key-manager-factory> and <verify-client> values
are mandatory, but I can't find any hints at legal values for this parameter
in the Resin documentation.

Nevertheless, if I comment out JSSE and start resin, I can get SSL going by
uncommenting JSSE while resin is running.  It gets going without any
complaints and indeed my site is accessible via SSL.  But obviously this is
no good, since resin won't automatically start when it's configured in this

I'd appreciate any hints or ideas as to what's going on.



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