Hello there!

Some weeks ago I rented webspace on a hosted server with JSP-Support - a
Resin is running. After enabling JSP-functionality, my websites (html and
jsp) were not able to be accessed anymore without appending the port 8080
(e.g. http://myurl.com:8080/index.html, http://myurl.com:8080/test.jsp).
Without the port, the only answer was an 500-err. I don't like the fact,
that I have to add the port everytime I (or someone else) wants to enter my

After some correspondence the hoster told me, that I have to edit the
web.xml, in which I can map the port 80 to every access. But how? I never
found an example of someone doing this, but configuring Resin conf-file (on
which I have no access - just my hoster). Any ideas?

Greetings, Eric
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