Hi .. I know this has been posed before but problem similar to item 
http://maillist.caucho.com/pipermail/resin-interest/2007-October/001703.html . 
I am using URLrewrite filter to remap old pages to current ones. This works 
fine in resin standalone mode but I have now setup with apache fronting as i 
need to setup other sites on the server. I have everything working but this 
urlrewrite issue as it only uses filter-mappings and not a servlet-mapping. The 
previous resin-interest article states he managed to solve with a sethandler 
request. Can anyone elaborate how i could adapt to work with URLrewrite as at 
the mo i'm just getting 404's from apache.. can i use this sethandler command 
in the httpd.conf for my virtual host?

any suggestions will be greatly appreciated..

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