hi Jon,

> if t[i].join(); (or anything) throws an exception, then the first
> connection
> that you open will dangle. Do you see "we've got an exception" anywhere in
> your logs? put *all* the conn.close() in finally blocks... also, what is
> the
> point of calling ds.getConnection() two times?

thx for your answer! 

this is just dummy code with which i can still reproduce the problem.
i removed as much as possible [ including some try-caches ] but kept what is
needed to reproduce the problem. i understand that code looks odd after
taking out most of actual work that is done, but in this way it's [
hopefully ] readable.

in my case other exceptions [ than reported IllegalStateException ] do not
so none of code in catch is executed.

> Your code should be:

actually i'm very close to your suggestion. i usually run:
  if (conn!=null) conn.close()
 }catch(Exception e){

Pawel Kudzia
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