.pQd escribió:
>> Just to verify that's not the problem, you could pass the DBPool as 
>> parameter to the tread and perform the DBPool.getConnection() inside the 
>> thread's run method, so the connection is retrieved in the same method 
>> where you are sure it is going to be returned.
> if i move DBPool.getConnection() inside the thread - exception still [
> rarely ] occurs:
> http://www.copypastecode.com/7564/
> thanks for your suggestions
> Pawel Kudzia

Try with this version http://www.copypastecode.com/7568/ that has the 
getConnection() call inside the run method and inside the try. If that 
still fails, I would start looking for other places where connections 
might be retrieved as getting out of that block without calling close 
should be not possible.


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