Alex schrieb:

>> java.lang.RuntimeException: Exception constructing service
>> 'TemplateParser':
>> Error invoking constructor
>> boolean) (at via
>> (at (for service 'TemplateParser'):
>> cannot be cast to org.codehaus.stax2.XMLInputFactory2

> It seems that tapestry expects a particular parser implementation. You
> can force one by supplying a system property

If they really want a particular implementation, they should not be
using the JAXP mechanism at all, but directly instantiate their
implementation class.

> <web-app>
>    <system-property
> </web-app>

But wouldn't that set the property for the entire JVM instead of for one
particular webapp/context?

> The <system-property> tag could also go under <resin>, <cluster> or
> <host> tags.

And likewise this? Which may create problems for other apps?

Nabble - Tomcat - User - Problem with system property

Michael Ludwig

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