Alex schrieb:
>>> <web-app>
>>>   <system-property
>>> javax
>>> </web-app>
>> But wouldn't that set the property for the entire JVM instead of for
>> one particular webapp/
> Not if you supply your own context aware instance of Properties using
> System.setProperties(Properties).
> That isolates the apps/hosts/cluster from each other and they can have
> their own sets of properties.

What is a context-aware instance of Properties? How do I get one?

Wouldn't I rather need a context-aware instance of System (which I don't
know about)?

I just tested this doing System.getProperty("milu.test") in a JSP in
webapp xxx and then deployed webapp yyy whose ServletContextListener
does System.setProperties(props) where props contains "milu.test" set
to a different value. That affects not only webapp yyy, but also webapp
xxx, which now shows the value set by xxx.

How would I use System.setProperties(props) without affecting the entire

Michael Ludwig

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