Rom Sok schrieb:
> I am running into a problem where certain UTF-8 characters go into the
> application and come out as nonsense.

Do you know the source of these characters, or maybe bytes? Application
source code? Incoming HTTP request?

Might you be relying on the platform's default charset (encoding)?
Is your default charset indeed UTF-8? Consider:

* String(byte[] bytes) - relying on the default charset here!
* String(byte[] bytes, String charsetName)
* String(byte[] bytes, Charset charset)


> Accoridng to my research one of the things I have to do on the
> application side to make sure character encoding is always consistent
> is set the character encoding in the server configuration for
> URL-decoding GET request parameters.

Is your HTML output also UTF-8? Or maybe rather ISO-8859-1, the default?

> The equivalent in Tomcat configuration is
> *<Connector (...) URIEncoding="UTF-8" />*
> Is there an equivalent in Resin?

Don't know, would have to look it up in the docs.

Michael Ludwig

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