is there any schedule for the 3.1.10 release of Resin?

Would it be possible to provide us with a more recent snapshot?
Especially, I am looking for the bugfix for #3220 (JSP Precompile causes
IOException and sometimes deadlock) which has been fixed on 25th of August
in 3.1.10 accordingly to Mantis Bug tracker.

BTW: Any chance to fix #3436 also with 3.1.10 release?  Bug #3436 is
"findAncestorWithClass() does not return parent classic tag instance within
classic tag embedded in a tag file".
This is an older issue that has very bad side effects for us as all other
Servlet Containers our application is deployed (Tomcat, Websphere, Weblogic,
OC4J) handle this correctly.

-- Steffen
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