Seems 4.0.2 snapshot passed most of my web test.
Thirdparty Hibernate JPA integration (* see issues below)
@Observes (with @Qualifier bindings)


not tested:

I found two issues so far:

1. I have to use
@PersistenceUnit(name = "myPU")

when I use
@PersistenceUnit(unitName = "myPU")

resin reports
com.caucho.server.webapp.WebApp setConfigException
... @PersistenceUnit(unitName='myPU') is an unknown persistence unit.  No
matching JPA persistence-units have been deployed

2. @SessionScoped is not going to work well in my code.

I noticed that resin use Hessian to serialize all session scoped beans (good
But this result in I have to implement Serializable interface in my session
scoped beans and beans need to be injected in them.

Unfortunately that could not be done because sometimes I need to inject
third party beans and initiate third party objects in my session scoped

I think I could only use @SessionScoped annotation on "SINGLE" beans, though
not tested yet.

Thanks Scott. Magnificent work!

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