Resin 4.0.2 can now be found on the download page, and for anyone else wondering, the syntax to use Java session serialization seems to be like this:


Mattias Jiderhamn wrote (2009-10-14 08:55):
This reminds me; what is the syntax for enabling Java serialization for persistent store (as of


Wesley Wu wrote (2009-10-13 23:07):
Yes, I turned on <use-persistent-store/> (simply copied from my previous 4.0.0 conf file).

When I turned it off (commented them out)
<!-- enable persistent sessions <session-config>
@SessionScope worked fine.



2009/10/14 Scott Ferguson < <>>

    On Oct 13, 2009, at 1:49 PM, Wesley Wu wrote:

    I found two issues so far:

    1. I have to use
    @PersistenceUnit(name = "myPU")

    when I use
    @PersistenceUnit(unitName = "myPU")

resin reports com.caucho.server.webapp.WebApp setConfigException
    ... @PersistenceUnit(unitName='myPU') is an unknown persistence
    unit.  No matching JPA persistence-units have been deployed

    Thanks.  I've added that as

    2. @SessionScoped is not going to work well in my code.

    I noticed that resin use Hessian to serialize all session scoped
    beans (good approach).
    But this result in I have to implement Serializable interface in
    my session scoped beans and beans need to be injected in them.

    Unfortunately that could not be done because sometimes I need to
    inject third party beans and initiate third party objects in
    my session scoped beans.

    I think I could only use @SessionScoped annotation on "SINGLE"
    beans, though not tested yet.

    Do you have <use-persistent-store/> enabled?  The sample
    resin.xml does enable it, but you might want to change that if
    you don't want persistent store.

    Thanks Scott. Magnificent work!


    -- Scott



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