Matt Pangaro wrote:
> I'm trying to set up a server with multiple instances of Resin to start 
> those instances on system boot. I've configured the runlevels with 
> chkboot, but I'm running into a problem...
> When the two instances try to start up at runlevel 3, they're both 
> trying to start the Watchdog, and the second one fails because it can't 
> bind the port, so the instance doesn't start.
> I'm on FC8, which doesn't seem to support the richer chkconfig 
> dependencies that are stubbed out in the resin startup script. Does 
> anybody know a good way to reliably get the second instance to start 
> without colliding with the first?
The second instance should attach to the first watchdog (assuming you're 
working from the same configuration file.) The "start" flow looks like:

  1. try to contact and existing watchdog at the watchdog port
   a. if that succeeds, send a BAM/HMTP command to start the new Resin 
  2. otherwise start a new watchdog instance

The watchdog does use the configuration file for authentication. If you 
have different AdminAuthenticator users, the "start/stop" will fail 
authentication. So if you need isolated instances, you'll need to start 
separate watchdogs.

The <watchdog-port> in the <server> block can be used to create separate 
watchdog instances.

-- Scott
> Thanks in advance,
> --Matt
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