On 1/7/2010 11:39 AM, Scott Ferguson wrote:
> The second instance should attach to the first watchdog (assuming you're
> working from the same configuration file.) The "start" flow looks like:
>    1. try to contact and existing watchdog at the watchdog port
>     a. if that succeeds, send a BAM/HMTP command to start the new Resin
> instance
>    2. otherwise start a new watchdog instance

Right, I think what's happening, though, is something like this:

1. linux starts instance a (/etc/rc3.d/S86resin-a start)
1a. that script returns control.
        - At this point the script has completed, but resin isn't done 
starting, but watchdog isn't up, running, and ready to respond to the 
2. linux starts instance b (/etc/rc3.d/S95resin-b start)
2a. this tries to connect to watchdog and can't so it initiates that

3. by now the a instance has completed starting its watchdog, so the 
instance b attempt collides

> The watchdog does use the configuration file for authentication. If you
> have different AdminAuthenticator users, the "start/stop" will fail
> authentication. So if you need isolated instances, you'll need to start
> separate watchdogs.

All the config is shared.

> The<watchdog-port>  in the<server>  block can be used to create separate
> watchdog instances.

I could do this, just to avoid the problem, although it seems 
undesirable. I guess another option could be for the server to retry the 
connect if it finds a port conflict. Would that be a desirable mod? If 
so, I could enter it in Mantis.

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