I've configured an admin user in Resin 4.0.3:

    <resin:import path="${__DIR__}/admin-users.xml" optional="true"/>
    <user name="egon" password="password-m5sum-hex-string-here"/>

When I try to start the server, an exception occurs:

$ java -jar lib/resin.jar start -verbose
Resin/4.0.3 can't start -server '' for watchdog at
ActorError[type=auth,group=not-authorized,text=SelfEncryptedCookie[] is invalid 
because it does not correctly decrypt]

What is now the syntax for passing username and password to command-line
admin? Or am I misguided in that this is not meant to be used when you
intend to use the command line?

What is the syntax for the admin-users.xml file commented out in the
example given above? Is it just the user element wrapped in any top-level
element like <users>?

Michael.Ludwig (#) XING.com

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