On 3/24/2010 2:00 PM, Bill Au wrote:
It is part of resin 4.x. Make sure you have the following in your resin.xml:

<web-app id="/resin-admin" root-directory="${resin.root}/doc/admin">
<resin:set var="resin_admin_external" value="false"/>
<resin:set var="resin_admin_insecure" value="true"/>

If you want to use a hostname other than localhost to access the UI, then you will have to set resin_admin_external to true.

I have been looking at it since I am upgrading from 3.0 to 4 too. It looks very good. Be sure to check it out. It is nice that a lot of monitoring stuff that we have had to add on top of resin is now part of it.


On Wed, Mar 24, 2010 at 2:15 PM, Rick Mann <rm...@latencyzero.com <mailto:rm...@latencyzero.com>> wrote:

    On Mar 24, 2010, at 09:07:07, Aaron Freeman wrote:

    > Since we are upgrading from pro-3.0.23 to pro-4.0.5, we thought
    we would
    > take advantage of the resin-admin stuff.  However the docs
    aren't clear
    > on how that's supposed to happen.  This page says nothing about
    what to
    > install: http://caucho.com/resin-4.0/admin/resin-admin.xtp
    > And this page seems to elude that I have to install another
    product? I
    > could have sworn we had this working in 4.0.0 without installing
    > Quercus. http://caucho.com/resin-4.0/admin/resin-admin-console.xtp

    Quercus is part of Resin 4.x. You get it "for free."


Ahhh ... that's slightly different than the documentation. It says /php/admin and yours says /doc/admin. Let me try that.

Scott, you might want to have the documentation updated if that's the difference.


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