If you are repeating that pattern every time, it sounds more like your _brower's_ cache being the culprit. Instead of calling: with an empty folder, place the index.html in there and _then_ call it so your browser doesn't cache up the "404 not found" result. You can alternatively hold down the *shift key* while refreshing to see if it's your browser. We would actually test this making the first call in IE and then the second test in FireFox to rule that browser cache issue out, but that sounds like what you are up against.

If you find this is the problem, then I am not sure what Resin's default cache settings are for the 404 not found (I bet they don't even address it), but you can replace their "404 not found" with your own user-friendlier one and set your own cache settings. Do this in your resin.xml:

<error-page error-code='404' location='/notfound.jsp' />

And set whatever meta tags, and browser cache settings you want in your /notfound.jsp.


On 4/14/2010 4:03 AM, Marco Wingartz wrote:

Hello folks,

I need some helping hands with a puzzler, we ran into recently... We are using the licensed resin pro 3.1.9 to handle all our servlets and .jsps and additionally we kicked apache and also use resin to spread the static .html contents to the world. While we are aware how to influence max-age in our servlets and .jsps, we still have a strange issue with folders, where content was added after someone already called the empty folder generating a 404 response.

Even if we put the index.html into the folder resin will not recognize this and still give the 404 error. Last time this happens it lasted more than 16 hours, until we restarted resin to get rid of this effect. Now my question is, where can I influence cache times of such responses, when I call a folder?

Just to give better example... I put a new folder in my doc tree. Then a call of will give me 404 page as I have not filled folder yet. When I now put my static index.html into newfolder I can directly call the index.html and page will show. But the call of still gives me the 404 error page for hours and days. How can I avoid this without need to restart resin?

Any clues, ideas, hints?

Best regards,


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