But that's the point of adding <session-config use-context-class-loader='true'/> to Resin. I can have Resin use the context classloader when it's deserializing.

Resin already needs to deal with this issue to use the web-app's classloader. It's an easy change to allow the context classloader as an option
Aha, I misunderstand what you wrote, I didn't know about the use-context-class-loader option :) Is it available in 4.0.17? Didn't find any reference to it in the docs.
And I probably misunderstood again, you said you could add this to Resin, right? Would be great if possible! :) For now I will use a filter and serialize the sessionStore to a byte-array, so that Resin only sees a byte-array and not the classes it represents. My filter will deserialize at the beginning of the request, and serialize at the end. This is ofcourse suboptimal, since it means "double serialization", and that I have to do it on every request instead of only when failover is demanded. I can live with it for now, it adds about 5-6 ms to my request cycle.

-- Edvin
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