Migrating from resin 2 to resin 4.0.22

I am trying to configure a load balancer in a web-tier cluster and 2 
apps in an app-tier as per docs for a single machine.

For the init.d/resin startup is there a neat way to specify that I want 
all servers to start or do i just have to do:

su $USER -c """$JAVA -jar $RESIN_HOME/lib/resin.jar $ARGS -server web-a 
start""" 1>> $CONSOLE 2>> $CONSOLE
su $USER -c """$JAVA -jar $RESIN_HOME/lib/resin.jar $ARGS -server app-a 
start""" 1>> $CONSOLE 2>> $CONSOLE
su $USER -c """$JAVA -jar $RESIN_HOME/lib/resin.jar $ARGS -server app-b 
start""" 1>> $CONSOLE 2>> $CONSOLE

I can't find anything in the docs which refer to doing this config o a 
single machine but seem to assume it is done on separate machines as far 
as init.d is concerned.

I have tried

-server a
-server all
-server web-a  -server app-a -server app-b
-server web-a,app-a,app-b
-server web-a:app-a:app-b

At the moment i am starting each on a separate line as above which works 
for startup.

For shutdown I get an error that app-b failed to stop which may be to do 
with order of shutdown?

Is there a best practice order for startup/shutdown?

eg start web-tier then app-tier  /  stop app-tier then web-tier

Thanks for any suggestions




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