I'm using many times the find() call in EntityManager :

Status st=m_manager.find(Status.class,"identifier");

But with no particular reason, in test or production, the find() call 
stop all processing, there is no exception and any System.out.println() 
juste after is simply not called.

While the server is in this "undefined" state, the rest of the 
application may work. I tried to add a createQuery call just before the 
find :

Query qr=m_manager.createQuery("select st from Status st");
List<Status> list=(List<Status>)qr.getResultList();

and the same problem happens at getRestulList(). Nothing happens, no 
exception, no further processing.

Is there any people that had this problem ? I could see that only in one 
of my applications, not all. Is this a problem with eclispelink ?

Thanks a lot.
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