Hi Rick,

AFAIK, there is no standard name for the "file servlet" so that simple 
way is a no-no.

One alternative container-independent way even though a tad more complex 
would be to use something like UrlRewriteFilter to forward requests 
appropriately. It allows fine grained control and it's container 
independent so...

For example, mapping just / is as simple as using ^/$ as "catch expression".


El 15/03/2012 4:25, Rick Mann escribió:
> I think I answered my own question. At least, I was able to put in explicit 
> mappings for *.css and the rest to point to resin-file. I did this in 
> web.xml, which I don't like because it exposes knowledge of the servlet 
> container to my app, but it'll do for now. The alternative is to put it in 
> resin.xml, which then means the servlet container has to be specifically 
> configured to allow my app to work. It's hard to keep the two independent.
> Still working on mapping /.

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