Hi Everyone,

I could use a little help troubleshooting some messages in my 
jvm-default.log.  I am seeing a lot of the following messages in our 
Resin logs.  We are currently running Resin 4.0.23 Pro.

> INFO com.caucho.env.health.HealthService 
> MemoryTenuredHealthCheck[WARNING:0.48% free (10.127M free, 2097.152M max, 
> 2087.025M used)]

I did a bit of research this morning about adjusting tenured memory 
limits, but I didn't find anything specific to adjusting the value. Does 
anyone know what property I need to adjust?  I currently have the 
following Java settings in my resin.xml file:

> <jvm-arg>-J-server</jvm-arg>
>             <jvm-arg>-J-d64</jvm-arg>
>             <jvm-arg>-Xms3000M</jvm-arg>
>             <jvm-arg>-Xmx3000M</jvm-arg>
>             <jvm-arg>-XX:MaxPermSize=250M</jvm-arg>

I could increase the -Xmx property, but I am wondering if there is a 
better property to tweak.

I am also seeing the following warning messages:

> WARNING com.caucho.health.analysis.AnomalyAnalyzer AnomalyAnalyzer 
> JVM|Thread|JVM Blocked Count WARNING
> WARNING com.caucho.health.analysis.AnomalyAnalyzer AnomalyAnalyzer 
> JVM|Thread|JVM Runnable Count WARNING

Does anyone have some advice on how to resolve these warnings?  I read 
the Resin documentation, but I didn't find something specific.

Thanks for your help


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