thanks for the answer, Scott.

Its confusing. For example, as suggested by you:

public class MyFactory {
    public SearchService searchService() { ... }

SearchFilter implements Filter {
  @Inject SearchService service;

  public void doFilter(req,resp) {...}

1) I get an exception:

Can't find a bean for 'class ServiceService'

Do i need to register the MyFactory anywhere manually?


I have a listener, that starts/stops the ComponentProvider (like pico) and 
put/removes it into/from the servlet context. 

Can MyFactory already be given the @inject ServletContext"? So that  
filters/servlets can be given @inject stuff from MyFactory, that would now 
implicitly depend on ServletContext?


Do i really have to write explicitly, what MyFactory can produce? I have 
hundreds of components in my provider, that potentially could be used.

I would like to be able to define a chain, like, look first in my own 
ComponentProvider, and then maybe lookup somewhere else.

Hm. That all is very confusing. :-)


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> On 2/24/13 2:06 PM, Olaf Krische wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > by the way, about injection, is there an tutorial out there on how to
> > bind custom component providers to Resin's CDI? For example, i use
> > picocontainer and i would like to have Resin ask picocontainer as well
> > (mostly singletons)
> >
> > For Jersey, which also uses Injection, i have created a bridge, so that
> > it can ask picocontainer, which is stored in the servlet context.
> @Produces is probably what you need. You can create a factory/bridge class
> to return CDI objects. Resin itself does this for the predefined objects.
> @Singleton
> public class MyFactory {  // it doesn't have to be a @Singleton, but 
> probably would be
>    @Produces
>    public static MyObject _myField; // you can use static methods
>    @Produces
>    public MyObject myBuilder() { ... } // or methods (I'd prefer methods)
> }
> MyFactory would need to know how to get the picocontainer objects.

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