> 1) I get an exception:
> Can't find a bean for 'class ServiceService'
> Do i need to register the MyFactory anywhere manually?

Yes. I have to put at least an empty beans.xml into META-INF of the jar to 

> 2) 
> I have a listener, that starts/stops the ComponentProvider (like pico) and
> put/removes it into/from the servlet context. 
> Can MyFactory already be given the @inject ServletContext"? So that 
> filters/servlets can be given @inject stuff from MyFactory, that would now
> implicitly depend on ServletContext?

Yes! Tried and works.

> 3)
> Do i really have to write explicitly, what MyFactory can produce? I have
> hundreds of components in my provider, that potentially could be used.
> I would like to be able to define a chain, like, look first in my own
> ComponentProvider, and then maybe lookup somewhere else.

Did not find a solution for that one yet. I can give my produce method an 
InjectionPoint to get more info about the context, but i still have to create a 
produce method for each type to produce.

Any ideas?

Nice tutorial by the way:


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