It seems like the URL rewrite rules defined at the cluster level (and I
believe at other levels too) are not preserved after a deploy or
undeploy operation.

For example, starting with a stock installation of Resin Pro 4.0.35, and
two versions of a simple web app war file (containing a single
index.html file for its web content that does nothing more than display
some text in the body), performing the following will demonstrate the

- edit, enabling webapp_multiversion_routing.

- edit resin.xml and add a rewrite rule directly underneath the 'app'
cluster: e.g.:
  <cluster id="app">
    <resin:NotFound regexp="^"><resin:IfSecure

- start resin

- deploy and test version 1 of a simple web app. The rewrite rule should
work as expected, forcing a 404.

- deploy and test version 2 of your web app (without restarting resin).
The rewrite rule no longer takes effect. You will see your page.

Has anyone else experienced this?


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