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> It seems like the URL rewrite rules defined at the cluster level (and I
> believe at other levels too) are not preserved after a deploy or
> undeploy operation.
> For example, starting with a stock installation of Resin Pro 4.0.35, and
> two versions of a simple web app war file (containing a single
> index.html file for its web content that does nothing more than display
> some text in the body), performing the following will demonstrate the
> issue:
> - edit resin.properties, enabling webapp_multiversion_routing.
> - edit resin.xml and add a rewrite rule directly underneath the 'app'
> cluster: e.g.:
>  <cluster id="app">
>  ...
>    <resin:NotFound regexp="^"><resin:IfSecure
> value="false"/></resin:NotFound>
> - start resin
> - deploy and test version 1 of a simple web app. The rewrite rule should
> work as expected, forcing a 404.
> - deploy and test version 2 of your web app (without restarting resin).
> The rewrite rule no longer takes effect. You will see your page.
> Has anyone else experienced this?

Hi Dan,

Thanks, I confirmed this is a bug related to multi-version routing, and have 
entered a bug report:  http://bugs.caucho.com/view.php?id=5418

The issue clears after a Resin restart.  You can also work around this by 
putting the rewrite rule in the web app rather than the cluster level.  For 
example, add a file named resin-web.xml in your WEB-INF directory:

<web-app xmlns="http://caucho.com/ns/resin";
  <resin:NotFound regexp="^">
    <resin:IfSecure value="false"/>

I understand this may not be as convenient as placing the rewrite at the 
cluster level depending on how many webapps you have deployed… Although it's 
preferable in some cases, as modifying resin.xml triggers a Resin restart, 
while modifying resin-web.xml, only the web app will restart.


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